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This page was last updated: November 14, 2015
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Services:- Pricing as at 01/01/2014
Barefoot trim and balance - $50.00 within 50km of home.
   - $60.00 all other areas 
Boot fitting free with trim; Glen does not fit boots to anyone else's trim.
Steel Shoes - $120.00
Polyeurathane Endurance Shoes - $160.00.
Muscle and Manipulation - $80.00.
Barefoot trim + muscle and manipulation - $110.00 
Traveling may apply.

Area of operation:- 
Taking clients in....
Southern Tablelands - Goulburn, Yass, Marulan, Taralga, Tarago, Lake Bathurst, etc.
ACT Region - Canberra, Quanbeyan, Bungendore, Gundaroo, etc.
South Coast - Glen will travel to Nowra and Batemans Bay if there are enough horses.

Books closed in....
Riverina - Wagga Wagga.

No longer servicing:-
Southern Highlands
Southern Sydney

* Appointments are required.
* Regularly scheduled horses take priority over intermittent horses.
* Julia does not practice unless the horse is brought to our facility at Lake Bathurst. We recommend and use Marulan veterinarian, Dr Ruby Petersen, for acupuncture and herbal medicine. 
* We recommend monthly hoof trims as this, in all our education, is what is recommended to us. Longer intervals required the trimmer or farrier to change the hoof capsule every time he trims. This then places additional strain on the horse's body as it adjusts with every trim. David Farmilo, also, recommends shoes are reset every 4 weeks. In  order to apply this philosophy to our client horses and give them the best possible care, Glen schedules to be in the same area to trim on a monthly rotation.
* Glen and Julia reserve the right to refuse to trim/treat dangerous horses.

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"In a dark place we find ourselves… and a little more knowledge might light our way." Yoda 

Are we huge Yoda fans? Not really, but it sums up the beginnings and the continuing philosophy of Nashama Equine. Why do we call ourselves Nashama Equine? It was Nashama (Nashama Ben Tahl) that drove us to become equine clinicians. 

In 2005 he was sent away for training. 4 weeks later he arrived home. We found ourselves in the darkest of places, alone and not knowing what to do to help our beloved colt. He was in mental and physical agony and so very ill. Sitting in the yard with him, in tears, was not going to help him. Only more knowledge could light our way. 

'Nashama' means, in Arabic, humans which show drive and initiative and horses which respond quickly to commands. 'Neshama' in Hebrew means the higher soul or spirit. 

Whichever spelling or meaning you choose, Nashama was well named. He responded with immense heart and determination to our stumbling efforts under the guidance of his vets, trainers and body work clinicians. As we rose to meet the challenge of his needs, we needed to show drive and initiative and now find ourselves asked to respond to the needs of other horses.

Nashama will always be our darkness, our light, and our inspiration; and our reason for being.
Mobile: 0428-594-210
Nashama Stud, Towrang, NSW 2580
chiefbjules at yahoo dot com dot au
Farrier, Barefoot Trimmer and 
Equine Muscle Worker

Glen Hammond is a farrier and barefoot trimmer who came into horses late, took over the hoof trimming from his then girlfriend, and got hooked on her horses.

Glen chooses to educate himself with only the very best trainers and tries to do at least one school per year. Glen formalised his skills by undertaking full farriery Trade certification at Richmond TAFE.

Glen not only barefoot trims, he also shoes horses that require shoes for competition and therapeutic purposes. He currently stocks a small quantity of CERA and Blue Pegasos polyeurathane endurance shoes as well as standard steel shoes. The polyeurathane shoes are a cut above the normal shoe, providing the protection of a shoe with the flexibility of of an unshod hoof.

Glen has EasyBoots Gloves and Renegades Fit Kits and offers a free fitting service to existing customers after their barefoot trims on request.

Glen has a sound background in agriculture and biochemistry.
Photo:- Glen with client horse, Teal'c, at Yass with a pre-trim body check, the Prancing Ponies Horsemanship Group keen observers
Glen's education consists of:-
* 1993-Present hoof trimming 
* 1992-2009 Judging seminars and schools
* 2002 Equethy Barefoot Schools with John Gorman
* 2002-2008 Individual barefoot trimming tuition
* 2009 ABC Hoofcare School with David Farmilo
* 2008 Equine Massage School
* Individual bodywork and chiropractic tuition
* 2009 Poulticing Workshop with Tony Robinson
* 2009 Andrew Bowe Basic Barefoot Hoofcare Workshop 
* 2009 Equine Red Light Therapy 4 Day Workshop
* 2010 Commenced Equinology EQ50 Anatomy
* 2010 ABC Hoofcare School with David Farmilo + individual tuition. 
* 2010 Advanced Barefoot Trimming Workshop with Andrew Bowe.
* 2011/2012 Certificate III Farriery (NSW TAFE)
* 2012 Colt starting school - John Lyons Method.

NB Glen has done other schools but they do not appear here as he does not endorse or use their methods or found the tuition, post course support or ethics poor.
Nashama Stud, Towrang. NSW 2580
chiefbjules at yahoo dot com dot au
Diploma of Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture (ICET)
Acutherapist, Holistic Health, horse training 

Julia Wynn is a dedicated and passionate student of equine health and good manners.

Currently studying acutherapy, herbalism, aromatherapy, equine nutrition and forever a student of good horse training, Julia also has training in hoof care.

With a sound background in agriculture, engineering, geology, soil science, biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry and physics, Julia's main task is to  run our product trials. No product or service is  recommended to our clients without rigorous, real world testing, usually over a 6 month period, in our own paddocks. If a product is not good enough to use on our own horses, we don't recommend it.

Julia is Webmaster, Publicity Officer abs Risk & Safety Officer for Riverina Arabians and Group Organiser for RAI's  horsemanship days.
Photo:- Julia with her own Nashama Aslaan, all ready to be shown but sedated with acupressure after an horrific float accident
Julia's education consists of:-
* 30+ years of horse ownership
* 1981-2009 Judging seminars and schools
* 1983-1998 Pony Club and horsemanship  instructor
* 2005-2009 Photonic and acupressure studies
* 2005-2009 Herbal Studies
* 2006-2009 Aromatherapy
* 1981-2009 Scientific studies
* 1995-2009 Natural Horsemanship 
* 2007 Equine Acupressure and Photonic Acupoint Therapy (McLaren Method) Course
* 2009 Poulticing Workshop with Tony Robinson
* 2009 Andrew Bowe Basic Barefoot Hoofcare Workshop 
* 2009 Equine Red Light Therapy 4 Day Workshop and Externship. 
* 2010 Commenced Equinology EQ50 Anatomy
* 2011 Diploma of Equine Acupuncture (IICT accredited)
* 2015 Diploma WHS

NB Julia is employed full time as an engineer and generally does not practice. She is not available to treat horses midweek unless the horse is brought to the Lake Bathurst facility after 5.30pm.

NB Julia has done other schools but they do not appear here as she does not endorse or use their methods or found the tuition, post course support or ethics poor.
Top:- Glen shoeing Aslaan with CERA's
Bottom:- Nashama getting some muscle and manipulation work before a hoof trim.