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Nashama Equine News
14/11/2015 The grand old man, Delfire (Sarafire ex Moonlite Gypsy), should leave shortly for his home in Queensland and 2yo Nashama Mystery Beau (R-Unnamed ex Moonlite Belle) for his home in Wagga Wagga. 

Julia is heading back to University in 2016, 31 years after she first went to Uni. Not content with being an engineer, spatial analyst, work health safety manager AND an equine acupuncturist, she has decided to add a Bachelor of Emergency Management to her collection.

23/05/2015 After 2.5 years of study, Julia now holds a Diploma of Work Health and Safety and is a fully qualified safety manager for Nashama Equine.

22/06/2014 We have relocated to Lake Bathurst.

20/05/2014 Julia has passed her Cert IV in WHS with Distinction, now for her Diploma WHS.

03/01/2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR! ANd it is here. Aslaan is progressing well through his course although a pox on saddle fit for these guys and Glen. We made the trek down Macquarie Pass to Albion Park and found a large horseland to see if Glen is comfortable in any of the wintecs. After discarding every dressage saddle on the floor, including the Isabelle's, which a lot of men are happy in, he settled on a Wintec 500AP. Now to measure the Barbie pony and make sure one fits him and perhaps purchase on so the boys can be happy on the trail.

Glen also welcomed new clients at Robertson and Albion Park.

04/12/2012 - Glen has decided to no longer stop on his way through to West Wyalong. The clients in Cootamundra, Wallendbeen and Stockinbingal are not regular clients and the time can be better utilised to give a regular slot to Ungarie. 

02/12/2012 - Julia has passed her second Diploma of Spatial Analysis with Distinction. Now for her Cert IV in WHS.

30/11/2012 Glen has finished TAFE for the year.

05/11/2012 Nashama Zainal (Au) is fully registered and is SCID, CA & LFS clear. Glen may stand him at stud to selected mares next season. Mares must be broken in and easy to handle and serve. Inquiries welcome.

01/11/2012 Julia has organised the mares and will commence the dating service on their next season. Melody is dating the Appaloosa stallion, Riverdowns Mega Mr. Brandy has another hot date with Nashama Ben Tahl.

09/08/2012 ~ WOW! Such a long time since a brief update, and so much happening all the time.

Glen is increasingly busy both here and in West Wyalong and has reduced his days in Wagga to just over 1 day, which is enough to trim and shoe his oldest clients. As clients in the Wagga region drop off, they will not be able to come back on the Glen's books. The extra time is spent out at West Wyalong. Glen's customer base is steadily growing over here in Canberra, Goulburn and southern Sydney.

We have found us the most fabulous vet, Dr Ruby Petersen, DVM  PhD CVA(VAS), and were delighted to find she is also a vet acupuncturist and herbalist and has the same holistic viewpoint. She recently vetted, acupunctured and herbed Rhydian, and Glen could not be happier with the result for the old horse, which is not wintering here as well as we would have liked. Ruby's practice is the Marulan Vet Clinic for any clients form Camden to Yass to Canberra who would like to avail themselves of a vet acupuncturist. Our own clients are welcome to bring their horses to our property for Ruby to attend. Ruby also runs Bellawood Herbs, which supplies premium herbs which we happily use on our own horses. Glen will be carrying some herbs with him and can deliver herb orders if they coincide with his runs.

Julia is loving her new job in Canberra, although the drive is tiring. Unfortunately her Mum passed away on 20th June 2012 which was rather a heavy blow for all who knew her.

Even more unfortunately, Glen was defamed by a former client during the week Julia's mother was being buried, resulting in a correction of the former clients's story. For the record the client declined any suggestion Glen made in order to progress her pony then looked to blame her farrier for the failure of the pony to return to relative soundess.

Xena is growing well and quite a little Madam. All who spot her love her and she has just added Dr Ruby to her growing fan base.

26/12/2011 ~ Today we went down to Royalla and farewelled Yarramine Banner from Heavy Horse Heaven.

24/12/2011 ~ Julia has completed her Diploma of Equine Acupuncture, and is now fully qualified in acupuncture, photonic therapy, moxubustion, cupping and all other forms of acupuncture.

26/11/2011 ~ Glen welcomes new clients in Marulan, Tallong, Towrang, Royalla, Gundaroo, Canberra and Yass.

24/11/2011 ~ Glen's new forge and anvil have arrived and he is nearly set for the 2012 academic year.

27/10/2011 ~ Nashama Ben Tahl and Brandy Creme Pussa have a daughter, paddock named Xena.

01/10/2011 ~ Glen has chosen to sponsorthe Heavy Horse Heave Rescue, in ROyalla.

27/08/2011 ~ A huge congratulations to Aladdin and Caruso, and their riders, Sally and Jeremy, on completing Shahzada 2011 in 21st and 31st place overall, and 7th Lightweight and 1st Junior. It was Sally's and Aladdin's first attempt at Shahzada's 400 grueling kilometres in 5 days, and they did it well. Jeremy is a Shahzada regular. 

19/08/2011 ~ Nashama Equine has moved to the lovely Towrang area, between Goulburn and Marulan.

18/08/2011 ~ Good luck to the Shazada riders, and a special good luck to Aladdin and his rider, competing in CERA shoes.

15/03/2011 ~ A busy time is being had. Glen has completed his second TAFE block, only another 28 to go. Julia is steadily working through her acupuncture course with Aslaan. 

Glen welcomes new clients from Temora, Grong Grong, Canberra, West Wyalong, Downside and Wagga Wagga and farewells the Quandialla crew.  Existing clients are working well in competitions for their humans, whether barefoot or shod. Who would have thought donkeys could be such fun? These little guys are bringing some smiles to faces as they are up to moving well for the jenny and accepting a trim readily for the colt.

Client owners are steadily finding us on Facebook, where our updates and schedule changes are posted.

06/02/2011 ~ Alas the time has come to close the Canberra roster to existing clients only on the scheduled weekend. Any other appointments will need to be on a weekday and there will need to be enough horses to shoe or trim. Glen greatly appreciates the loyalty and relationships with his existing clients and his committment to delivering a top class service each month comes first. Horses from Yass, Gunning and Murrumbateman may be accepted from time to time for weekday appointments.

31/01/2011 ~ The time has finally arrive, TAFE enrolment in the Certificate III in Farriery for Glen all done. Due to TAFE, Glne's days in Canberra and Yass have been changed to Sunday & Monday. A big thanks to all affected clients on changing their days to assist with smooth workflow and helping accomodate Glen's TAFE blocks. It is greatly appreciated.

30/01/2011 ~ Glen welcomes new clients at Murumbateman. 

23/01/2011 ~ Glen's enrolment as a farriery trade student is only a week away and he is getting excited.

23/01/2011 Nashama Ben Tahl has finished his ull blood cycle Tuff Rock GI trial and observations are available are extremely positive. He will remain on GI for a while longer. We had such positive results all horses went through a 10 day course for a post-drought settle and clean-up of their GIT's. ASlaan was placed on GI on New Year's day to see any effect on his stomach damage after his bot attack last year and the results, as with SHama, have been an improvement in his quality of life as his tummy settles. The ability of this product to calm and settle the GIT has seen an improvement in muscle tone, temperament hoof quality and overall happiness of all the horses, but most particualrly Nashama and Aslaan.

19/01/2010 ~ Glen welcomes new clients from Temora and Morangarell.

31/12/2010 ~ As the final hours of 2010 draw close, we would like wish everyone a happy, healthy and sound 2011. It should be a very full year for us with Julia enrolled in a Diploma of Acupuncture and Glen in his Farriery Trade Certificate with NSW TAFE, and Shama's first foal due in October.

Shama has already had his first acupuncture session and is greatly improved with this and the Tuff Rock GI.

24/12/2010 ~ Julia has chosen not to continue with her red light therapy externship due to the amount of work and expense involved when she has pressure of Spatial Analysis studies which must take priority over something that leads to no real qualification. She selected an internationally accredited 12-month acupuncture Diploma some time ago and in 2011 will continue to advance her skills and qualifications in Acutherapy.

11/12/2010 ~ Very pleased with SHama's progress in the Tuff Rock GI trial. A much happier and healthier little stallion.

26/11/2010 ~ Glen welcomes new clients from Cootamundra. An EasyBoots Gloves/Shells Fit Kit should arrive from the USA shortly and Glen will be able to advise sizing for owners to purchase when he trims for those owners wishing to fit EasyBoots Gloves or Shells.

22/11/2010 ~ Home from Equitana where we had a fabulous time meeting many of our suppliers whom we normally only get to meet by phone or e-mail. We met up with Clare from CERA Endurance Shoes, Andrew Bowe from Barefoot Blacksmith and Steve from Tuff Rock among others. In exciting news, Tuff Rock have released a new product, Tuff Rock GI, for gastro-intestinal issues and we brought some home to trail. Where we have previously used Foal Plus to reset the hind gut after illness (colic, laminitis, etc.) Steve tells us this has been specifically formulated for older horses and is of particular use for horses that have colicked. We're looking forward to trialing it on Nashama for his hind gut acidosis. Glen also scored some bargains and trimmed and put some CERA fronts on a laminitic brood mare. A big thanks to our friends at Evolution Arabians for their company and hospitality, and Nick for running out to feed the menagerie on Saturday.

Harvest has commenced so Glen will be difficult to get. 

15/11/2010 ~ Welcome to new clients from Ladysmith and the ACT region. The weekend saw CERA shoes go on two more horses, one endurance and one therapeutic. They also came off an endurance horse who has had them on for 5 weeks and Glen is very pleased with the improvement in this horse's hooves. So far, so good with the CERA's. The weekend saw a couple of firsts. A lovely little donkey jenny and, providing some entertainment,  Glen became a sheep chiropractor. Apparently, they're not a lot different to doing mini ponies.

The CERA shoes have had a price rise since the last purchase. The comnbination favoured by Glen is currently $63.18 for the shoes, plus tool, labour and travel costs of $90 per horse. Accordingly, CERA shoes will be $150 per shoeing until the next order, where the price will be reviewed..

18/10/2010 ~ A big congratulations to Team Wizard. A completion for Wizard and his rider in the Harden Endurance 40km ride today in the CERA Endurance shoes on 17/10/2010. A huge achievment, and proof that dreams can come true. :)

10/10/2010 ~ Glen is studying again. This time donkey hooves and biomechanics!

09/10/2010 ~ Still a very busy bushfire pre-season here with meetings and training days fitted into everything else. Saturday's appointments have been mostly moved to Monday 11th, for those that need it. Unfortunately due to our weekend in Melbourne this has been a short month while next month is a 5 week month for the Wagga Wagga region horses. 

LOTS of questions about laminitis as the sugars are so high in the grasses. For those that need it, the current advice for laminitis first aid is to ice the hooves. Courtesy of Dr John Kohnke's current newsletter, the hoof icing should be done by putting ice cubes in a plastic bag, poking a hole in the bottom of the bag to let melted water drain, and wrapping the hoof with the bag of ice. Gel cold packs are  not cold enough. Here, we also Tuff Rock poultice the legs to help cool them and bring the temperature of the entire leg down. This is done, of course, while waiting for your vet.  For laminitis prone horses,  pasture access should be limited to early morning, 8am to 10am, when the fructans are at their lowest. Hopefully everyone is noticing if their horses are sore before anything major happens. Here we have almost all the horses locked off the main pasture. No one is immune; we all need to be vigilant to keep our horses hooves healthy.

Glen enjoyed his Advanced Barefoot Trimming Clinic at Peak Hill.

02/10/2010 ~ Being the long weekend, a quieter weekend for Glen who has left for Yass and Canberra. On his return he will be attending an Advanced barefoot trimming clinic at Peak Hill. While Glen has been with David Farmilo learning to shoe so that he can apply the CERA endurance shoes correctly, it should not be lost he remains committed to happy, healthy, barefoot horses unless there is a reason to shoe. He has is now set up and ready to apply CERA endurance shoes, but that does not mean he will be stopping barefoot trimming any time soon. Our horses are lucky enough to have him well trained in BOTH barefoot and shoeing. Not many trimmers have both sets of education. 

We did see an interesting claim made the other day that only one group trains scientififically, with the inference being that they were better than everyone else because of it. This is simply not true. Some traditional farriers teaching today work closely with vets and scientists, so it's not just one group. We know this to be true as we train with TWO groups who BOTH use science and veterinary data, as indeed, we do ourselves. The many hours spent training, reading, researching and field trialing various methods around here are proof of that. When looking for a hoof care specialist, owners should always look for a few things - short toes, low heels, free striding, no tripping, and not lame after trimming are just a few of them. 

01/10/2010 ~ A BIG Happy Birthday to our horses this month. Today it's Zainal's third birthday, Aslaan will be 5 on the 14th, Shama 7 on the 19th, and Rhydian 19 on the 11th. Faran and Delfire will be 5 and 15 respectively on the 1st November, Melody was 17 on the 8th September, and Brandy will be 19 on the 12th November.

It seems for the first time in a while we will be breeding a couple of foals. Fingers crossed for our Brandy Creme Pussa (Brandy), who will be Nashama Ben Tahl's date, and for Hamama's Bey Barron, who will be Moonlite Belle's (Melody's) date, pending their SCID tests coming back clear. In exciting news for Arabian breeders, a Lavender Foal Syndrome test is now avaiable to breeders. After the excitement of breeding the mares has died down, with will start testing the herd. While we expect they are all clear, as responsible breeders we test as tests for genetic diseases become available and to make sure none of our foals are affected. We are looking forward to happy, healthy foals to play with and, ultimately place in homes where they will be used as working and competition horses, and much loved members of someone's family.

26/09/2010 ~ A big weekend for us with the Rural Fire Service on Saturday and with a Horsemanship Play Day  on Sunday, and the commercial quality of CERA shoes arriving Friday. Glen is booked into the advanced Andrew Bowe clinic at Peak Hill.

19/09/2010 ~ A big couple of weeks for us with trips to Melbourne and Sydney and gearing up for the coming fire season, plus fitting in horses at Harden, West Wyalong and Wagga Wagga. Glen welcomes new client horses at Tallimba and Wagga Wagga, and shortly should be able to begin shoeing with CERA endurance shoes.

04/09/2010 ~ Photos for Glen's recent hoof course and the annual Riverina Arabians Hoof Care School are up are up in the gallery. Our horses behaved beautifully for the school and Brandy had her first gig as a Nashama demonstration horse.

24/08/2010 ~ Nashama Equine was saddened by the passing of long time client, Anne Wrigley. Anne was a Riverina equine community stalwart and will be sadly missed.

18th August 2010 - Glen spent the 14-15 August at David Farmilo's course in South Australia. He left on the 10th and returned late on the 18th August and had a wonderful time and learned a lot. A huge thanks to his hostesses, Anne and Josie, for looking after him so well, and some happy horses left behinf him having been balanced and a few massages for Star, Cowboy and one of the course horses.

31/07/2010 ~ A new month begins for us and Glen is delighted with the steady progress his Murrumbateman Minis are making with their hooves. Shahzada is looming large on the horizon of a few clients and those going were trimmed today. Good luck to all. Glen's hoof equipment is here and he is starting to get excited about his trip to South Australia.

08/07/2010 ~ A busy week for all. Aslaan is slowly recovering and spent his first full day out in the paddock annoying Rhydian and Delfire. Glen welcomes new horses from Tallimba and the first set of CERA polyeurathane shoes have arrived and other appropriate farriery equipment has been ordered. It is hoped that these shoes are a genuinely viable alternative to glue on boots. They performed well again at this year's Quilty.

03/07/2010 ~ After a terrible weekend and first couple of days of the week where we nearly lost Aslaan, he is back on his feet and on the improve, with the vet no longer being on speed dial. Tonight he spends the first night back down with the herd out of the vet yard, although he will be convalescing for some time.  We can only be thankful we took the precaution of drenching Aslaan just in case it was worms emerging on the cold snap. It turns out Aslaan had a stomach and mouth full of botfly larvae, despite being regularly wormed and last wormed 6 weeks prior.  

We have heard of quite a few other horses becoming ill this last weekend, some being hospitalised, and encourage clients to worm their horses with a tube wormer containing a boticide. Our entire herd, when drenched in the week, has produced one or two larvae of these demons in a fly suit. 

16/06/2010 ~ Nashama Equine now has a Message Board where articles we find useful will be placed.

06/06/2010 ~ Glen is due home shortly and Julia has been watching Wrangler Jayne's "The Top 10 Basics of Regular Horse Care" DVD. What a great DVD!

05/06/2010 ~ Some enquiries are about for Glen to shoe with the CERA polyeurathane endurance shoe. It should be noted that Glen will not be shoeing until after further training in August with David Farmilo. While this excludes shoeing Quilty horses, unfortunately August was the nearest suitable date for Glen to travel to South Australia. Clients interested in Glen applying these shoes will need to be patient until after he has been over. 

30/05/2010 ~ Another play day been and gone. We had a terrific time watching horsemanship DVD's by the fire and snacking on home made pumpkin soup and sausage rolls. A great social afternoon had by the horsemanship group. 

20/05/2010 ~ for the Aussie Tuff Rock fans that have a bit of trouble getting it locally, I was having a chat to Lee today from Natural Equipment and have decided to ship most of the range without charging postage. Conditioner, Foal Plus, Canine and Calcium Plus Conditioner. Unfortunately not the poultice as well but it's pretty good of them to ship 4 out of 5. :)

24/04/2010 ~ Sowing has commenced and, as always, a hectic time for Glen with some disruptions to his trimming schedule. Those clients who nead competition horses trimmed should let Glen know so that he can schedule those with similar priorty to his remedial trims eg those horses competing at The Rock Enduro.

19/04/2010 ~ WOW a busy year ahead!
* Glen will be headed to South Australia in mid August for more tuition from Master Farrier, David Farmilo and a little bit of a holiday visiting friends. 
* Glen and Julia will be headed for Melbourne perhaps in early September to conduct a requested workshop on hoof, body and photonic therapies. This workshop is invitation only.
* Julia will be headed to Equitana for a holiday in November and is looking to enrol in a bush flower essences diploma before enrolling in a nutrition certificate.
* Nashama is having some homeopathy on his foreleg from the very talented and lovely Rosemary of Mymms Farm.
* New girl, Brandy, is settling well as a photonic therapy externship horse for Susan. Susan is better known around here for her talents as a Bowen Therapist and the boys are all wondering why she has not come to work her magic on them;
* Delfire will be headed to his former lessee, Renee, in Queensland;
*And then, of course, there are the client horses. Horses, horses everywhere with some new clients at Canberra and Carwoola.

07/04/2010 ~ Julia has finally posted her externship off to Ireland!

02/04/2010 ~ Happy Easter, everyone!

Glen farewells his Dalton clients and wishes them all the best in their new home in Melbourne, and welcomes new clients from Galore and Murrumbateman.

21/03/2010 ~ Happy Birthday, Julia, and welcome to Brandy, Julia's new palomino brood mare. Brandy will commence her duties as a Nashama horse by being used as a case study for a student over Easter.

14/02/2010 ~ A happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and a big Happy Birthday to Glen for the 15th February.

Julia is organising a Facebook page for Nashama Equine.

Glen welcomes new clients from Harden, Yass, Murrumbateman, Canberra, Kikoira, and Wagga Wagga and farewells his clients frm Gundaroo. Clients in that area should note that he will no longer be trimming between Gunning and Queanbeyan on a weekend. These precious regular weekend slots on the first weekend of each months have been snapped up by clients in Harden, Yass, Murrumbateman and Canberra. Glen can only trim in this area on the Friday when he travels to Dalton and Gunning.

08/01/2010 ~ Glen is back on his normal schedule after harvest and Christmas and NY has had a lovely start to the year meeting some  lovely foals at West Wyalong, a good result for one of our massage clients at the races on New Year's Day, and the pleasure of welcoming some new body work and barefoot clients in Wagga Wagga. Add to that some steady, and at times very exiting! improvements in our long term, remedial clients, particularly a mare which was in Julia's externship program with her hips and hind hooves, and all in all a very positive start to 2010. 

01/01/2010 ~ What a wonderful way to spend New Year's Day. Trimming and treating 6 lovely Arabian horses, meeting a few more, and a BBQ and social time talking horses with their 3 lovely owners. Glen and Julia hope that everyone else had such a lovely start to 2010.

28/12/2009 ~ Glen spent the day massaging horses and wishes his clients and their drivers a clear run at the races on New Year's Day.

25th December 2009 ~ Glen and Julia and the NE gang would like to wish all their clients and owners a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and hope that 2010 brings only good things.

14th December 2009 ~ Glen welcomes new clients for Old Junee, Wagga Wagga and West Wyalong.

12-13th December 2009 ~ Julia and Glen hosted the end of year BBQ and camp at Nashama Stud and all had a terrific time. Our natural horsemanship play days will continue in 2010 on the last Sunday of each month.

01st December 2009 ~ Julia is excited to have purchased Moonlite Liesle (Arfaja Rawdon ex Moonlite Lyn). Liesle is a chestnut purebred Arabian filly, 91.5% Crabbet, and YES she is another Sabino. Her SCID test is already sitting on Julia's desk.

26th November 2009 ~ Harvest came early and is now over. Glen can get back to trimming hooves. Thank you to all those clients who understand harvest is an exhausting time for Glen and it does come before hoof trimming. Most horses are a maximum of 2 weeks late.

28th October 2009 ~ Julia is now typing back and collating her paperwork and doing ongoing treatment plans for her externship horses that require them and is delighted with the things all the horses showed her.  Red Light Therapy was found to be excellent for shoulders, tendons, hips and emotional issues. Julia is particularly rapt in Rosies' and Digby's unexpected results, Phoenix massive improvement, Zanzi's lack of scarring, and the pectoral repairs on Cinne and Zainal.

17th October 2009 ~ Glen welcomes 3 horses from Ladysmith

12th October 2009 ~ Julia is about the half way mark in treatments, which are going well.

7th October 2009 ~ Glen Welcomes 7 horses from Illabo.

03 October 2009 ~ Planning is well underway and Julia has taken annual leave to committ herself fully to her Red Light Therapy externship horses over the next 3 weeks.  Among the forms to be constructed, an owner's handout has been prepared and uploaded to assist the owners of the horses to understand the process over the next 3 weeks.

01 October 2009 ~ Happy Second Birthday, Zainal!

29th August 2009 ~ With an extra weekend in the month, Glen enjoyed a rare weekend off and spent it with our own horses. Julia has begun Red light Therapy work with Zanzibar. Things are getting extremely dry and all here are hoping it rains all weekend. As it is a play day weekend, there is a good chance of that! :)

15th August 2009 ~ Hygain Zero trial has been ended and Rhydian is back on his SpeediBeet and oats.. 

10th August 2009 Julia conducted her 3 monthly inspection of long term study group horse, Phat, the poisoned Appaloosa, and is pleased with his continued progress. Phat enjoyed Red Light and massage therapy prior to Glen trimming his hooves.

9th August 2009 Glen welcomes 4 new clients form Wagga Wagga.

7th August 2009 Glen has been investigating uniform options and will soon be getting around in some flash orange and blue work shirts with 'Nashama Equine' on them and his name, so he remembers who he is! He is investigating some orange polo shirts for Julia and Nicole to wear while treating horses.

5th August 2009 Julia and Glen have enrolled in the Equinology EQ50 Equine Anatomy module. 

2nd August 2009 - Glen welcomes 4 new clients from Canberra and 1 from Tallimba to Nashama Equine, and farewells Alf from Wagga, off to another part of NSW with his human.

Julia has added an area map of the area Glen travels to for client convenience. 

1st August 2009 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to all our clients.

18-21 July 2009 Julia and Glen atended a red light therapy workshop with at Goorooman Park, near Canberra. 

Julia will begin her externship shortly to become a certified therapist and is looking for 6 horses to use as practice subjects - 4 paddock potatoes and 2 horses in work. 

Treatment is free but the owner will need to commit themselves and their horses to 6-8 sessions over a 3 week period and providing their observations back to Julia. The horses will be photographed, assessed and then treated with red light therapy and no other modality during their time as a subject. At the end a report will be sent to Julia's teacher for assessment. The subject horses must never have had acutherapy (acupuncture, photonic or acupressure) before. 

If existing clients withing 60km of Temora would like their horse's to be considered, please contact Julia on chiefbjules at yahoo dot com dot au

18th July 2009 Shama has been removed from the Hygain Zero trial while Rhydian appears to be doing well on Zero.

Sunday 12th July 2009 ~ Glen and Julia attended an Andrew Bowe Barefoot Hoofcare Clinic at West Wyalong yesterday and had a terrific time. Originally intending to only audit as Delfire and Aslaan are undergoing Bowen Therapy, low horse numbers saw Delfire attend with Glen as trimmer. Delfire's mechanical laminitis from his injuries prior to him coming here were assessed and Andrew gave Glen some new technique on managing the laminitis episodes which should benefit not just Delfire, but all client horses. All in all an interesting and most beneficial school for Nashama Equine. Delfire has been invited back to the advanced clinic, with Glen to drive him, even though he spent quite a lot of time pulling faces at Julia while Andrew was talking!

Monday 6th July 2009 ~ Hygain Zero and Hygain RBO have begun paddock trials for azoturia and laminitis. On advice from Hygain's nutritionists, Zero will be fed to Nashama and Rhydian with SpeediBeet, their herbs and Tuff Rock over the next 6 months.

Saturday, 27th June 2009 ~ Glen welcomes 5 new horses at West Wyalong.

Monday 22nd June 2009 - In depth information on our product trials is now only available on request. While well intentioned, publishing in depth findings has proven problematic and open to misuse. Written reports on schools and products are available from Julia on request to existing clients for their own use.

Sunday 14th June 2009 - One of Glen's Wagga clients reports for the first time ever, her gelding led a 20km trail ride. She was delighted that she had to pull Commanche up and wait for everyone else, instead of being tail end Charlie. Well done!

Aslaan has had his second Bowen session from the local accredited Bowen therapist and Julia is delighted with the results, particularly in the areas where he was so badly bruised in his float accident.

Wednesday 20th May 2009 ~ Glen welcomes 5 new client horses and their owners to Nashama Equine for hoof and body work from Quandialla, West Wyalong and Harden.

Sunday 10th May 2009 - Sadly, one of our older client horses has passed over the Rainbow Bridge since last we saw him. Vale Hamlet, such a beautiful and brave pony. Condolences to owner, Ann, and paddock mates Giselle and Bella.

Friday 8th May 2009 - Operation Ali Baba has caused great hilarity among Glen's clients. Apparently, someone forgot to tell THEIR horses, not just Sham, Glen is not supposed to be able to get a hand on them.

Thursday 7th May 2009 - Word back via the grape vine from Glen's newest customer, who was very tentative about another barefoot trimmer as the last one had over-trimmed her pony - "HI - meant to get in touch to say how good Glen Hammond was!  he was very tactful with Polly!" Happy clients with sound horses is what we like to hear about! 

Sunday 03rd May 2009 - It appears the unnamed bodywork modality has seen fit to libel Glen in their international newsletter.  One can only wonder anew at what a lucky escape we have had to discover their ethics so soon. They must have a few more problems than we discovered when the trial failed so spectacularly here to have to treat students in such a manner. We are STILL waiting for even the remotest expression of concern towards the horse. Nashama Ben Tahl is such a good pony. He's proven yet another less than savoury character who has tried to libel him a liar just by being Sham. Apparently, Glen can not get near this horse to do any body work on him since February 2009. Someone forgot to tell Nashama!  Glen and Julia would like to thank Nashama Ben Tahl, our darkness, light and inspiration, for the many opportunities he presents of proving truth. All the more precious as he nearly died. (Refer photos 23/03/2009 Operation Ali Baba). 

Saturday 2nd May 2009 - Glen welcomes 2 new clients at Gundaroo.

Sunday 29th April 2009 ~ A huge thanks to the Judge, Judith Perkins, attendees and horses who attended the Riverina Arabians Inc. Junior Judging Day  @ Nashama Stud, Temora. A great day had by all.

17 April 2009 Glen welcomes 12 new client horses to Nashama Equine for hoof work. Gundagai, Wagga, Quandialla and Harden 

17 April 2009 After extensive detoxification, massage and acutherapy, Shama's vet and acutherapist are finally happy. The doctor and naturopath still working with Julia but she is much improved after a liquid detox to get her kidneys functioning, massage to free her muscles and tendons and lots of yoga and acupuncture to get her meridians flowing again. Nashama Equine are still pondering the question of ethical standards within equine alternative therapies. 

14 April 2009 Best wishes for a smooth hip operaton and speedy recovery are extended to long term client, Rob Day of Moonlite Arabians at Wantabadgery. Get well soon, Robbie!

4 April 2005 Glen welcomes 9 new client horses and their owners to Nashama Equine for hoof work. Yass, Gundaroo.

7 March 2009 Glen welcomes 7 new client horses and their owners to Nashama Equine for hoof work. West Wyalong, Barmedman and Quandialla.

14-28 March 2009 Product testing No-name body work modality.  Shama and Julia very sick. Result: Product abandoned. 

7 March 2009 Glen welcomes 2 new client horses and their owners to Nashama Equine for hoof work. Wagga Wagga.

27 February 2009 Glen welcomes 5 new client horses and their owners to Nashama Equine for hoof work. Barmedman, Wyalong.

24 February 2009 Glen welcomes 5 new client horses and their owner to Nashama Equine for hoof work. Young.

19-26 March 2009 Product Testing - David Farmilo's Hoof Line.  Result:- Product adopted without hesitation.

17-18 March 2009 Glen attended a David Farmilo ABC Hoofcare School and had a terrific time adding to his skills. Horses scheduled for product testing.

20-22 February 2009 Glen attended an awful No-name bodywork school. Shama, Julia and Rhydian scheduled for product testing.

09-10 February 2009 Glen welcomes 7 new client horses and their owners to Nashama Equine for hoof work. Wagga Wagga.

Welcome to our new website where we will be letting everyone know our services and occassionally put up some interesting health stuff and put up dates for schools and events as we hear of them.

June 2008 - January 2009 Product testing - Tuff Rock range. Result:- Product adopted.

January 2008-January 2009 Product testing Quantum Savvy. Result:- Product adopted with limitations.

December 2007 - June 2008 Product testing - Photonic Therapy. Result:- Product adopted.

December 2007 - June 2008 Product testing - Tallgrass Institute acupressure. Result:- Product adopted.
Nashama Ben Tahl, our darkness, light and inspiration, who presents so many opportunities of proving truth
06/12/2013 Unfortunately due to rising fuel costs Glen will have to raise his prices. New pricing is $50 within 50km of home base at Marulan, $60 all other areas, $120 for shoes all areas, $80 for physiotherapy, all areas.

Glen's books are closed to new clients in the Wagga Wagga area.
Glen's books are open in the Goulburn, Canberra, Yass and South Coast.