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Monday 22nd June 2009 - While well intentioned, publishing findings of our field testing has proven problematic and open to misuse. This misuse is by individuals with an agenda to discredit alternative practices or force Nashama Equine to give them a good review when their product has actually failed in testing.

After suffering some not inconsiderable abuse and deliberate, less than truthful targetting in the case of a failed trial in a body work modality, in order to discredit us, written reports on some products are available on request to existing clients for their own use.

Current Product Trials

22/11/2010 ~ Tuff Rock GI product trial has begun with Nashama Ben Tahl. This product targets the gut of adult horses and is 50ml over the tongue twice per day prior to feeding. The aim is to see if this affects Shama's hind gut acidosis and associated muscle soreness and occasional temperament issues. Prior to the trial Shama was given virginiamycin (Founderguard) and became extremely aggressive on it. Some aggression issues remain. Shama had begun a course of Tuff Rock Foal Plus to reset his gut. After discussions with Steve from TR, he is to trial GI which is aimed more at calming the gut of adult horses. Shama will also go through a detoxification with Tuff Rock poultice. Tuff Rock GI was released onto the market on 18/11/2010. Trial is done by observation and feel only. Bloodwork has not been undertaken.
22/11/2010 ~ 20mL AM over the tongue, observation irritable and tight muscles; 50mL PM, observation much softer eye, more relaxed
23/11/2010 50mL AM/PM over the tongue. Some muscle relaxation evident, much more rlaxed in himself, no loss of interest in the mare so no effect on libido, just his level of relaxation
24/11/2010 ~ 50mL AM/PM over the tongue. Muscle injury issues more evident on the right, significant relaxation of the muscles on the left.. Showing less oedema/puffiness. Coat looking awesome.
25/11/2010 ~ 50mL AM/PM over the tongue. Colt returned to neighbouring stallion paddock and while laying down the law, stallion was much better able to handle his prescence. No puffiness, some relaxation evident around the right shoulder injuries. Detoxification with poultice may not be necessary.
26/11/2010 ~ 50mL AM/PM poured on top of feed due to drenching arguments. Shama's nose followed the trail despite the arguments to eat the TRGI. Neck and loins soft, no detectable change in old injuries.
27/11/2010 ~ 50mL AM/PM poured on top of feed
11/12/2010 ~ Shama is at Day 20 of his trial and the difference is quite remarkable. His body and coat conditions are amazing and his health has improved.

23/01/2011 ~ Blood cycle trial has finished. Overall Shama showed remarkable improvement in temperament, coat condition, muscle tone and some significant hoof changes.

As Shama's issues have been vet diagnosed as lower GIT issues, Aslaan was placed on GI as a test for vet diagnosed upper GIT damage, which occured  last winter. As with Shama, Aslaan showed immediate improvement and by the third day was calm in his stomach, He also chased the product when it was placed on top of his feed. By Day 8 changes started to become obvious in body and hoof condition as his health improved. Since then he has shown a steady improvement in temperament, muscle tone and general health.

Glen placed the other 4 horses in the herd on a 1 litre trial to check time frames and they were repeated. All horses responded as per the 3rd and 8th day time frames SHama and Aslaan showed.

While this is, of course, anecdotal evidence, Nashama Equine is very pleased with the results obtained here and confident in using and recommending this product for the purpose for which it is marketed - equine gastrointestinal issues.

September 2010 - CERA endurance shoes. Currently testing well.
14/11/2010 removed shoes on for 5 weeks and will get more wear out of them. Endurance horse unable to complete cmpleted 40km ride.
13/11/2010 Placed on endurance horse prior to Sassafras enduro. Result Unknown.
14/11/2010 Placed on club hoofed Appaloosa for therapeutic purposes. 20/11/2010 Appaloosa pulled shoe on club hoof.
21/11/2010 Placed on foundered Arabian brood mare for therapeutic purposes. Mare moving much more soundly immediately after shoeing.
2011 Placed on an unsound barefoot horse with a severe abscess cut away by the vet. Horse completed 3x80km endurance rides and Shahzada 3 months later.
2011 Placed on an Appaloosa filly, filly now able to be ridden comfortably. Shoes came off and filly has remained happy barefoot.

Past Product Trials
Jan 2011- Dec 2011 Acupimcture Course. Completed, highly recommended course.
April 2010 ~ Yoga for Riders. DVD's from Yoga instructor and Parelli enthusiast, Theresa Zenner. Successful. Recommended product.

6th July 2009 ~ Hygain Zero and Hygain RBO trial completed. Limited success. Results, interim and final, are available only to Hygain and existing Nashama Equine clients. Qualified recommendation.

22nd July 2009 ~ Julia has begun her Red Light (Photonic) Therapy externship. Limited success. Results, interim and final, are available only to existing Nashama Equine clients. COntact Julia for results.  

2008-Present - Tuff Rock products. Successful. Results, interim and final, are available only to existing Nashama Equine clients. Highly recommended product.

Other trials
Wrangler Jayne's Horsemanship with Heart. Recommended product.
Silversand Hoorsemanship. Recommended product.
Steve Brady Horsemanship. Recommended product.
SpeediBeet. Highly recommended product.
EquiJewel. Highly recommended product.
IAH Vitam Vitality Plus. Highly recommended product. 
Masterson Method massage for the home user DVD. Recommended product.
Country Park herbs. Recommended product.
Smart Bowen. Recommended product.
Quantum Savvy horsemanship. Qualified recommendation.
Parelli horsemanship. Qualified recommendation.

Failed Trials
Sometimes trials fail for various reasons. Please ask if you want to know what products and bodywork modalities we have trailed which have failed. Only successful product trials appear on this page due to the abuse copped by those who have had unsuccessful trials.